About Social16
Connect your business and connect with your friends, family, and world around you through social16 social media platforms. You options to create and share your album, video, blog, articles, jobs, and even play numerous games with friends and others. Connect everyone via messages, calls, and video calls for free. Try social16.com today.

About Social16.com

Social16 is a Canadian multi purpose and sophisticated social media platform that place user privacy at its core values. The website is designed to give you the best platform to voice out your thoughts, share a laugh with your friends, and create new lasting relationships. Users can upload multimedia, write blogs, create a poll, submit audio, play games, watch movies and decorate their own virtual spaces and much more.

While Social16 is still starting its exciting journey, we promise integrity and to work hard to improve the platform and give you the best experience you can have!

Unlike other social media sites, Social16 is committed to the privacy of our members. We collect and store only the data you agree to provide us. Social16 will never sell or share the data you provide to us with outside parties, except as required to comply with by the law.

On Social16.com, you can:
  • Build a unique profile where you can put up a dynamic profile picture and cover photo, you can also upload a unique background image for your profile
  • Create unlimited pages and groups to promote your business and ideas and build a network
  • Share articles on the feed and engage in meaningful discussions with the community through our forum
  • Create events where you can invite friends and connections to join your cause

Social16 is proudly Canadian, it is created by a dedicated Canadian whose passion to stay dedicated to our endeared values has motivated him to give you the platform to voice out your thoughts, promote your ideas, and meet new connections who share the same goals you have. So be part of this new trend, sign up for your new account, and be one of the first people who can proudly say that we are a member of the Social16 community!

We want to hear from you! If you have concerns, comments, and suggestions to improve our platform, Please send us an email at info@social16.com or visit our contact us page.