Genshin Impact: The "Elemental Burst" animation of "Rosalia" has been leaked?

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The latest tweet from the popular Genshin Impact leaker shows a short video of the game's upcoming four-star character-Rosaria. Her release date has not yet been determined, but she may become part of the 1.4 update.

Rosaria is one of the most anticipated characters in Genshin Impact, and her recent leaks have caused more hype about the Cryo character. After Albedo was released in the 1.2 update, she first appeared in the Genshin Impact Account For Sale game during the Dragonspine incident. She is also a member of the Favinon Church in Mondstadt.

After showing Hu Tao's animation earlier today, which is a popular Genshin Impact leaker, called NEP NEP, we can see what Rosalia's attack animation will look like. Thanks to Honey Hunter World, we have learned most of Rosaria's statistics and her promotion data-her talent data will become a folk book. Her elemental skill is called "Ava Regret Confession", it allows her to appear behind the enemy target and knock it down with ice skates, causing cold damage.

Rosalia's "Elemental Burst" is called "The Last Journey", and as you can see above, it is divided into two parts. In this way, she can assassinate nearby opponents with Ice Fist, and then inflict freezing damage.

Regarding the release date, there is no official information or leaks, but many fans predict that she will be part of the 1.4 update. If Wendy gets the tagline again, she may become one of the four-star characters. Considering that Chong Yun is locked for this, because he and Hu Tao have the same talent promotion materials, we do not want her to Buy Genshin Impact Account be part of Hu Tao's banner. Since he and Rosaria have the same elements, it means that she must appear again, and Venti's banner seems appropriate.

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