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In continued praise of the espadrilles, they're also breathable without revealing your feet. I follow the school of thought that toes should not be on display unless you're actually on the beach, but while I'm at it, espadrilles are ideal for the beach. Opt for a flat option, and you won't miss your flip-flops one bit.

Susie Lau dubbed her blog Style Bubble, because it was basically like seeing fashion and Golden Goose Outlet style from my own bubble. It had this feeling of being an outsider and having the perspective of an outsider in a world that was quite insular. Blogging, adds Tommy Ton, gave people that wanted to be a part of fashion the opportunity to be in fashion.

Elise started the project in June of 2020, and has developed a penchant for repurposing vintage shoes. It was like a personal experiment to see how much of a product I could make from not buying anything new or using new materials, she says. For her own distinct print, Elise redyes the fabric by hand.

The gift felt natural for Rombaut, who has long admired Grimes and Musk even before they had gotten together. I have been really a fan of each of them, so it was both worlds that were merging when they were having a baby, says Rombaut over the phone from Paris. Since they announced her pregnancy, I was dreaming of making a shoe for the baby, because it is the representation of the future and hope.

Polished-but-not-too-polished hair is another essential part of her chic yet low-maintenance beauty equation. I use an iron to curl my hair for brushed-out waves because I can do it in 15 minutes if my hair is already dry, she explains. And if you'll be hosting this holiday season, Alba has plenty of wisdom to impart, beginning with allowing yourself 45 minutes before guests arrive to get spruced up.