Path of Exile: Scourge has been released

Path of Exile’s latest league has been released in recent days, and players are exploring in the game.


Path of Exile’s latest league has been released in recent days, and players are exploring in the game. Scourge brings a whole new mechanism: Blood Crucible. This evil item is next to the player’s inventory, and the player enters the parallel reality Wraeclast by activating Blood Crucible. Players will continue to defeat the devil there, and then they will receive POE Currency and other item rewards.

In Scourge, players collect enemy blood to upgrade their equipment. This sounds cruel and exciting. Once the players adapt to this mechanism, they can officially start the journey of the game, and the players are about to fall into endless killing and blood collection. The longer the player stays in this world, the greater the damage they will suffer, so players can only survive here if they focus on killing. Players can get points and Path of Exile Currency in the killing, which are helpful to help players upgrade.

Path of Exile: Scourge also introduced a new skill system, which is completely related to the blood crucible. With it, players will upgrade the crucible itself, bringing them more things in the game, such as being able to absorb more corrosion to better upgrade the player’s equipment. There are 15 skills in the game that can be upgraded, and each skill requires additional points to make these skills reach the maximum. The total number of points required is 63. Similarly, players can only unlock other skills by dumping points into other skills. Therefore, players need to buy POE Currency to help them unlock to the goal.

Each map the player enters has a limited time. The time the player stays in another dimension depends on the amount of blood they collect. This not only requires players not to activate the crucible immediately before they are fully prepared, but also requires players to enhance their combat capabilities in various ways in the game and allow themselves to stay longer. Players can POE Currency Buy during the game preparation period, which not only allows the player to win at the starting point but also provides timely help for the player in the battle.