How Can I Crawl Data From Google Maps Search Results?

Google Maps is a literal representation of businesses in the workforce, and they keep their info up to date. This data is incredibly valuable for marketing purposes.


How Do I Crawl Data From Google Maps Search Results?

With over 1 billion users, Google Maps is the largest business directory of the modern age. If you don’t have a business account you should probably get one. You can compete with major players in your industry, collect business information, and strategize your next business move.

Google Maps is one of the business connecting sites in the world and holds a wealth of information about industry insights, data on professionals, and business data. One of the most commonly used tools to extract large amounts of Google Maps search results is Google Maps Data Extractor.

Why Scrape Google Maps?

There are many reasons why a company may require to extract data from Google Maps. You may collect your competitor's data to beat him. Or you may collect data for marketing campaigns by scraping profiles on a large scale.  Automating this process with Google Maps Scraper can save your company quality time and money. Google Maps business profiles have names, email addresses, industries, ratings, reviews, zip codes, etc.

Google Maps is a literal representation of businesses in the workforce, and they keep their info up to date. This data is incredibly valuable for marketing purposes.

How To Scrape Google Maps Data For Emails Phone Number Using Google Map Extractor?

You are not a developer and you still want to scrape data from Google Maps? No problem, I’ll show you how to scrape Google Maps using Google Maps Lead Extractor, in a few steps.

Let’s say you want to scrape emails from Google Maps, it’s very simple:

Go to our website (, download the Google Maps Contact Extractor, and install it on your computer or laptop.

After installation, You arrive on the page of Google Maps Email Extractor Screen. You will see the different categories like Groceries, Restaurants, Hotels, and more on the left side of the scraper as shown in the image.

Google Maps Crawler - Google Maps Email Crawler

After selecting the category, click on the “email search” option to scrape emails from the Google Maps search results.

The emails will be extracted in the Google Map Extractor, once the searching is completed, you will only have to download the information of your extracted email in Excel or CSV format from the Google Maps Grabber CRM. Click on the “Export” button to access it.

You will get a CSV or Excel file containing the business name/ email address / ratings / reviews / region / link to Google Maps business profile / phone number. This is a simple way to export email addresses from Google Maps business listings.

You can also search for a business on Google Maps by name, zip code, business listing URL, and location.

The only difference is that this time, you have to put your keywords and locations in the search bar of the Google Maps Business Extractor. The Google Maps data miner supports all the locations and countries supported by Google Maps.

What I Can Scrape From Google Maps Using Google Maps Extractor?

You can scrape the following details, from Google Maps with the help of this Google Maps Locations Scraper.

Business Name

Business Address

Business Email

Business Phone Number

Business Reviews

Business Ratings

Country, City, or State

Working Hours

Latitude Longitude



Website Links, Social Media Links, and much more fields that are publicly available.

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