How Do I Collect Marketing Data From LinkedIn And Sales Navigator?

Most marketers and professionals use LinkedIn Data Scrapers to scrape business data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator as they require no coding and you can get data by clicking a button.


How Can I Get Marketing Data From LinkedIn?

Whether you are a recruiter, sales professional, or marketer, there are 100% chances you use LinkedIn to find employees, leads, or prospects on a daily basis. And while LinkedIn is really great to find professionals and real businesses. And here is where LinkedIn Contact Extractor comes into play. By using a LinkedIn Email Extractor, you get direct contact details for a person from LinkedIn profiles. It helps you not only to collect marketing data from LinkedIn but also increase your sales and revenue.

Most people scrape LinkedIn to collect business data for lead generation, and other sales, marketing, and outreach activities. In this post, we will explain all the ways of scraping and collecting marketing data from LinkedIn used by marketers that require no coding at all.

Hire A Programmer or Freelancer

You can hire a programmer or freelancer from Upwork, Fiverr or any other freelancing website to scrape data from LinkedIn for you; Simply hire an experienced LinkedIn scraping freelancer if you want the data quickly from LinkedIn without going through the tension of coding a scraper yourself. It’s an expensive method since it’ll cost you about $150–$200 to get extracted data from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator for a specific industry, however, you have to hire an experienced freelancer/programmer with a proven track record to do LinkedIn data Scraping.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor

Using LinkedIn Scraping Tools

Most marketers and professionals use LinkedIn Data Scrapers to scrape business data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator as they require no coding and you can get data by clicking a button. These are mainly tools that let you get scraped contact information from LinkedIn profiles and search results to Excel or CSV files by simply clicking the content you want to scrape.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor is the best example of such a type tool. Its user-friendliness makes it an attractive choice for many organizations, marketers, or freelancers. However, outside of the limited free tier, their pricing starts at about $50/month which is cost-effective compared to simply hiring a freelancer or programmer.

What Is The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor Software?

A LinkedIn Scraper known as a business data scraper is used to visit the LinkedIn profiles and then extract business data of interest from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator in an automated manner. The LinkedIn Crawler downloads the LinkedIn profile data in an accessible format for the user. LinkedIn does not like being scraped and they introduce some rules and regulations to scrape data from LinkedIn.

However, the terms and conditions are only effective for non-technical users who don't know how to bypass them. It turns out that you could easily scrape LinkedIn even with the LinkedIn Email Scraping Tools. All you need to do is use rotating proxies to avoid blocking by LinkedIn.

When it comes to choosing a web scraper for LinkedIn, you can either develop one for yourself or use ready-made LinkedIn Scrapers available on the internet. Generally, only coders can develop a LinkedIn Email Scraper as developing one requires coding skills since they are written in computer programming languages.

If you do not know how to code, then the best option for you is to make use of an existing scraper like LinkedIn Sales Navigator Email Extractor. Yes, LinkedIn Sales Navigator Phone Number Extractor is the most used and most trusted ready-made web scraper by professionals and freelancers for LinkedIn. If you are not a programmer, you don’t need to worry about that. You can use this LinkedIn URL Extractor to scrape data from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator at affordable prices.

What You Can Scrape From LinkedIn Sales Navigator Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor?

You can scrape the following fields from LinkedIn by using this business leads scraper.

Business/User Name



Established Date



Country, City, State



Phone Number

Website Link

Social Media Links


Current Staff

Current and Previous Job Record, etc.

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