How To Scrape Marketing Data From Google Maps?

The Google Maps Email Extractor is a coding-free tool and everyone can use it easily due to its point and click interface.


Why Google Maps Is The Best For Marketing?

When it comes to getting found and chosen in our current marketplace, there are numerous options such as Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc. However, most of the customers use the Google search engine to search for a business, and with the most searches of "near me", Google Maps is one of the most used platforms to engage local customers as a local business.

Google Maps is the best platform for customers to find and choose. In this digital era, Everybody wants to make progress and everyone has registered their business on google maps because this is the most visited place by the local customers for selling and purchasing.

How To Scrape Data From Google Maps?

There are millions of businesses that collect and convert leads from Google Maps. However, that people are interested in the publicly available Google Maps data does not mean they can get it easily. Google Maps does not provide an option to download data from a business listing. If you want to collect business data from Google Maps, you have to copy-paste each contact detail from a business one by one and it takes 10-15 minutes to collect data from just a single business listing. So, you can imagine the time, if you want to collect data from thousands of businesses. If you want to collect Google Maps data in large quantities, the only option available to you is to scrape Google Maps web pages using web scraping tools known as Google Maps Scraper. The Google Maps Phone Number Extractor will extract complete details of a business including emails, phone numbers, reviews, and other contact details.

Google Maps Data Extractor

What Is The Best Google Maps Email And Phone Number Extractor?

If you are looking for a web scraper for Google Maps that has been designed not to fail and can scrape all business details including emails and phone numbers, then Google Maps Data Extractor should be top on the list. Do you know why? Because it is arguably one of the best web scrapers in the market and it is perfect for scraping Google Maps data.

With Google Maps Listing Scraper, you can convert business listings on Google Maps into a structured spreadsheet. Google Maps Crawler has a good number of features you will want in a web scraper. Some of these include advanced web scraping features such as proxy rotation, scheduled scraping, and keywords-based data extraction. The Google Maps Email Extractor is a coding-free tool and everyone can use it easily due to its point and click interface. You can search for a business by name, location, URL, and zip code.

Pricing: Starts at $50 per month

Free Trials: 3 days of free trial with limitations

Data Output Format: CSV, Excel, and Text files

Supported Platform: Laptop, Desktop

Supported Countries: All countries supported by Google Maps

Supported Windows: All the latest and older versions of Windows including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Net Framework v4.5.2, or later

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