"NBA 2K22": The City and Other Special System New Information Announced

2K officially announced that before the launch of "NBA 2K22" on September 10


2K officially announced that before the launch of "NBA 2K22" on September 10, a preliminary introduction to some of the new features of "NBA 2K22" will be made. In August and September, it will bring further in-depth reports to NBA 2K22 Coins players. More information about this game.

On-court gaming experience

Carrying out key field game experience improvements, so that players can not only better control the way of scoring, but also better fight on the defensive end. With the release of the actual game experience preview of the first "NBA 2K22" that will debut in August, the official will continue to introduce more major changes.

Offense: Use brand-new signature moves and combined moves to dribble to break through defenders; precise jump shots, moving dunks and aerial relays are more closely linked with skills. Basketball IQ and skills will play a more important role, distinguishing top offensive players.

Defense: Among the new defensive methods, the comprehensively reformed interference shooting and blocking system is particularly prominent. The tight defense of the perimeter and the penalty area will bring rich rewards, giving elite defenders the ability to truly change the outcome of the game.


After the game is released, the season mechanism will appear in the "NBA 2K22" Fantasy Team, Brilliant Career and Women's Basketball Career (PS5/Xbox Series) modes, which will be available to all players for free. In this year's work, the season will bring new gameplay, so that everyone can upgrade their own players and get rewards in The City (PS5/XBS) and The Park (PS4/Xbox One/NS/PC). More details about the expansion of the season will be announced in August.

Dream team

The fantasy team mode of "NBA 2K22" has been fully evolved, and players can get the experience of dream team building and competition on the first day. As each season unfolds, the fantasy team will continue to develop.

Fantasy team · Draft: "NBA 2K22" re-joined the fantasy team · Draft, players can choose a complete lineup from the constantly updated player pool. Compete with your new lineup in the online versus person game to get the fantasy team collection rewards.

Experience the evolution of the fantasy team: throughout the year of "NBA 2K22", new challenges, rewards and activities will make each season of the fantasy team a unique experience. In addition to the many new features launched in the fantasy team, more content will be added throughout the year, including a new original game mode in the holiday season.

Cross-generational progress and collections: Although "NBA 2K22" brings a completely different game experience on the two generations of consoles, the game progress and collections of the fantasy team can still be transferred between the same series of consoles. Virtual currency wallets, fantasy team points and fantasy team token balances can also be transferred in the same series of hosts.

The new The City (PS5/XBS) and the new The Park (PS4/XB1/NS/PC)

In "NBA 2K22", the basketball online community ushered in two completely different changes. PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players will step into The City, while PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC players will board the 2K cruise.

The City (PS5/XBS): Various NPCs will appear in The City, and self-created players from all over the world will compete in street courts. The re-planned PS5 and Xbox Series X|S basketball community has added a new mission system to better combine self-created players with creative content, while providing a new way to upgrade levels and obtain rewards. The City has opened up a newer and faster way, so that everyone can quickly enter the world of online basketball. Self-created players can choose to place the matched building and start the game immediately. A variety of match types can support the matching function and affect the progress of all self-created players.

2K cruise ship (PS4/XB1/NS/PC): On PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms, players will compete in a brand new exclusive basketball community-this community is on the deck of a giant cruise ship. In each season, the cruise ship will stop at various ports full of exotic flavors, and everyone can participate in coastal activities at this time. Z2U site will offers you with Cheap NBA 2K22 MT Coins, enjoy now!