Build scrapers for Olx and Amazon site using Anysite Scraper

Build scrapers for Olx and Amazon site using Anysite Scraper. You can build more than a hundred data scrapers according to your requirement using this software.


Today, when consumers are ready to buy a specific product, nearly 74% of them go straight to Amazon to do it. By the end of this year, Amazon is expected to account for more than 52% of the e-commerce market in the US. In 2018, the retailer accounted for 48% of the market. This information must sound threatening to other retailers in the country.

What is the best method for scraping data from multiple websites that saves money?

Using a tool for scraping data from websites is the best method but if you want to scrape data from multiple websites then “Anysite Scraper” is the only tool that can scrape data from multiple sites and save your money too. This tool facilitates you in a way that you can easily scrape from your required sites. You just need to create a new project for scraping from your required sites using a script. You don’t need to buy multiple scrapers that are costly, buy a single scraper, add scripts, and create multiple scrapers with this single tool called Anysite Scraper.

Can we scrape data from eCommerce sites using “Anysite Scraper”?

You can easily scrape data from eCommerce sites like Olx, eBay, Amazon, etc. you just need to add a script for scraping data from these sites. This tool is designed for scraping data from multiple sites like local business directories, social media platforms, and eCommerce sites. There are more than a hundred sites that Anysite Scraper can scrape. 

How can you create amazon scraper or Olx scrapers in Anysite Scraper and what kind of data these scrapers can scrape?

Using Anysite Scraper you need to create a new project for amazon or Olx site using a paid script if you want to scrape data from these sites. You don’t need to pay the whole price again and again for different scrapers you just have to pay for the script. Amazon Data Scraper can scrape product information, business details etc before starting a business. You need this information for this purpose, you need to scrape data from websites where these businesses are already registered. Product data scraping helps you in scraping product detail like price idea trending areas and valuable clients. 

Olx is also one of the biggest market places and working in almost 45 countries. You can also scrape data from the Olx site of your desired domain using Olx Data Scraper. You can scrape the product name, product price, seller name, telephone numbers, and product image URL. You can also apply some filters according to your need. Simply you can create scrapers for all websites as you want in Anysite Scraper.

What are some features of Anysite Scraper?

There are also many features that you need to know. These features will save your time and will help you in scraping more exact and precise data from websites. Sometimes an unexpected error occurs (like an internet error or computer shut down) when you are scraping data from websites using tools and you lost your data but in Anysite Scraper you don’t need to worry about this problem there is a solution to this problem. When you are scraping data an autosave filter starts saving your scraped data after some records it keeps saving your data so there is no chance of losing it. These features make this scraping tool one of the best scrapings software that fulfills the need of every user by providing them data from their required sites.